Storing Items Successfully

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How Your Actions Or In-Actions May Be Endangering Your Stored Items

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When keeping items in a self-storage facility, it’s not just the facility that has the duty of keeping your items safe. You also have a part to play, and you can easily mess up if you take your items to the storage unit without knowing how to keep them safe. Safe storage practices vary depending on what you are storing, but here are some common acts and omissions that will endanger your stored items: Read More»

Things You Must Never Do When Storing Your Belongings

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When you are storing belongings in a storage unit, there are steps you should take to protect your belongings. However, there are also self-storage methods that can ruin your belongings and should be avoided. By using the right storage materials and methods, you will be able to find your items quickly. Don’t Use Newspaper Newspaper is sometimes used for storage. After all, if you are no longer going to read it, why not use it to wrap your belongings? Read More»

Storage Advice For Books And Papers

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Do you have a lot of books and papers to store but you are worried that they will become damaged? If so, never fear. There are ways to store these sensitive items without a worry in a storage facility. The following guide can help you achieve this. Invest in climate control One of the major issues with storing books and papers is that temperature fluctuations and moisture can damage or discolor the pages. Read More»

Four Reasons To Store Your Boat In A Self-Storage Facility Rather Than On Your Property

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Boats are lovely to enjoy when the sun is shining and the temperature is about 60 degrees. But as soon as the temperature drops and the cold fall air starts rustling through the trees, it’s time to take your boat out of the water and find it a place to rest for the winter. Many boat owners choose to store their boats on their own property, either in a garage or under a portable carport in the yard. Read More»

Picking A Safe And Secure Storage Unit

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Storing your personal belongings for an extended period can cause a little bit of anxiety for many people. Often people have to store prized possessions because they are moving into a smaller home, or they simply do not have the room for everything in their house. No matter why you have to use a storage facility, make sure that you are picking a very good storage facility. You may notice that there are many different storage facilities in your area, and not all of them are going to be the same. Read More»

Why Carports Are A Great Choice

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Not everyone can afford a giant garage, and not everyone has room for one either. If these things apply to you, then know that you still have other options for protecting your vehicle. One of the best of these options is to purchase a metal enclosed carport. These carports come with many excellent advantages, which makes them a great choice for anyone with a vehicle! Protection from the Elements There are lots of dangers that can befall your car when it’s just sitting outside unprotected. Read More»

Stored Items Stink? Fix The Problem With These Storage Unit Hacks

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There are reasons why people tell you to wash or clean items that have been held in storage for a while when you buy something used. Even though a storage unit basically smells like lumber, concrete, and metal, they can also take on odors according to what has been stored there previously. This means that when you place your items in storage, they could come out smelling like anything from someone else’s belongings to automotive-related items, neither of which are very attractive odors. Read More»

Three Ways To Fit More Into Your Storage Unit

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If you’re on a tight budget, you probably want to rent as small a storage unit as possible as the fees tend to be lower for smaller units. But squeezing a lot into a small, 5’x 8’ or 8’x 8’ storage unit can be quite a challenge. Here are some tips to make it work. Fill your dresser drawers. There’s no point in emptying out your dressers and putting their contents into separate boxes. Read More»

Ready To Store Your Child's Book Collection? 3 Tips For Ensuring It Stays In Great Condition For Many Years

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As a parent, you may enjoy hanging onto items that your child has outgrown yet hold sentimental value to you and may hold sentimental value to your child when they get older. If your child has been an avid reader for years, then they may have accumulated quite a large collection of books that you would like to finally place in self storage units. This is a great idea, and when your child is an adult, they will likely love getting a glimpse of the books they read as a child and may even enjoy passing them onto their children. Read More»