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3 Reasons To Rent A Storage Unit Along With A Studio Apartment

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As soon as you make the decision to rent a studio apartment, you may think about your potential storage limitations. This is something that you should also expect in a studio compared to a one-bedroom or two-bedroom apartment as the bathroom and kitchen will likely be smaller. Another reason that storage space might be lacking is due to not having any many closets in the unit. To maximize the chance of a positive experience with moving into a studio apartment and getting settled in, you should rent a storage unit alongside your apartment rental.


When going from a larger place to a studio apartment, you may know that you are going to downsize in numerous ways. However, this is not an easy process because you may not know exactly what will fit into your new home that you can keep in your possession. A storage unit comes in handy as it will give you enough space to downsize at your own pace after moving in.

Storage Space

While looking at studios, you may want to focus on the location and amenities to live in an exciting place. But, this is also when you may spend a lot of time looking at places with a decent amount of storage space. Instead of prioritizing places with ample cabinetry and a large walk-in closet to use, you should plan to rent a storage unit to get all the storage space that you need. This will open up the possibility of living in a small studio that has enough room for your essentials and where you are able to enjoy great amenities such as a heated pool and rooftop deck.

Sentimental Belongings

If you have a lot of sentimental belongings, you may know that you are not going to get rid of any of them as they are more valuable than furniture, electronics, and decorations. However, these are things that you may not plan to access for months or years at a time, which means they are not going to be of any use inside your studio. A storage unit rental makes it easy to separate your items because you can put all of these sentimental belongings into storage.

While going through the pros and cons of living in a studio apartment, you may include the lack of storage as a con. Fortunately, you can solve this problem and look forward to studio living when you rent a storage unit in the near as it will give you valuable storage space.