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4 Items To Remove From Your Bathroom's Packed-Up Contents Before Placing In Storage

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Perhaps you are storing your belongings to stay with relatives for a bit, or maybe you plan to store your belongings during a home renovation. Self-storage facilities make it easy for you to store just about everything in your home, no matter the circumstances. While self-storage is convenient and will give you safe housing for almost everything, there are a few things that many storage facility managers will ask you to remove. Here is a short list of packed household items and belongings from your bathroom you may have to store somewhere other than a storage unit and why that is the case. 

1. Nail Polish Remover - This is such a small item and most people have at least a bottle hanging around in their bathroom cabinet or vanity drawer. But nail polish remover is actually a flame propellant, and it is highly flammable. Therefore, it is best to remove it from your stuff because you will likely be asked to anyway once you get your things to the storage unit site. 

2. Aerosol Air Freshener - Air freshener is almost like a permanent staple in a lot of homes, but especially in the bathroom. If you frequently have a few bottles of aerosol air freshener in your bathroom, it is best to toss them or give them to a friend before packing your items to be stored. Aerosol cans are combustible at high temperatures, and high temperatures are a possibility inside of a storage unit that does not have ventilation or climate control. 

3. Liquid Bleach - Bleach is a common cleaning agent in the bathroom, and if you are like a lot of people, you will have a bottle or spray container tucked away in the bathroom cabinet for sanitization and cleaning. But this bleach should be removed and properly discarded before you place your bathroom belongings in storage. Liquid bleach is considered a chemical contaminant, and if it is spilled, it can cause damage to surrounding units. 

4. Liquid Soaps - Liquid soaps are not necessarily a hazard because they are flammable, chemical-based, or otherwise, but they are sometimes prohibited in public storage. Some liquid soaps have the tendency to attract pests because of their highly fragrant odors. For example, that sweet butter-rum-scented body soap you love would smell delectable to rodents and some bugs. Not to mention, liquid soap can create a huge mess if the bottle gets damaged during storage. 

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