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Using A Storage Unit? Follow These Tips For Organization

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Looking to free up some square footage at home? You may be looking into self-storage as a way to get rid of some things you do not constantly need at home. Here are some ideas for organizing a storage unit so that you do not end up with a unit that is a mess after you load it up with your belongings.

Use Similar Sized Boxes

One problem that people run into is trying to fit things into their storage unit like an elaborate puzzle. If things do not fit together just right, it can lead to running out of space or having to rent a larger storage unit. Instead of using a wide variety of boxes, consider purchasing same sized boxes instead of mixed sizes. You'll find that the boxes will fit perfectly together and stack better together in the storage unit.

Create A Storage Plan

The worst thing you can do is take all your belongings to your storage unit and hope that you can make it all fit. It will help to create a storage plan before you arrive to have a general idea of where everything will go. It may help to take measurements of items and map it out on graph paper so you have a solid plan of how things will fit together inside the storage unit.

Use Shelving

Have seasonal items that you plan on rotating in and out of storage? It will help to place these items on the shelves instead of stacking them in a tower with other boxes. You'll be able to easily get the item out of storage without having to move a lot of other boxes, and the shelving can also help.

Create An Inventory

There will come a time where you need to find something in your self-storage unit. The key to finding things in the unit will be to create a basic inventory of what is inside each box. Start by assigning each box a number and writing it on the side of the box. As you load up the box with various belongings, record what went into that numbered box on a spreadsheet. When the time comes to look for something, you can scan over the inventory list and quickly identify what box it is in.

Looking for more organization tips for your storage unit? Be sure to check with the storage facility when renting your unit.