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5 Tips For Preparing Your Electronic Devices For Storage

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In addition to selecting a climate-controlled unit, storing electronic devices in storage requires some extra preparation. For some products, how they are stored and even for how long can negatively impact their lifespan. Ensure you know how to prep your devices for storage to ensure they remain in good condition.

1. Clean Devices

All your equipment should be cleaned before it is placed inside the storage unit. Dust, dirt, and other debris can especially harm electronic equipment. When debris is able to settle inside the equipment for an extended period, it can damage the inner connections. A quick cleaning of the device's exterior can help you avoid this problem.

2. Remove Batteries

If batteries power the device, you need to remove them first. Changes in humidity are a common culprit of leaking batteries, but age is another factor. If the batteries have already been inside the device, combined with the time in storage, it could be long enough for the batteries to begin to leak and erode. A battery in this condition is unsafe and could potentially damage the device. 

3. Detach Plugs

If the device is powered by electricity, check to see if its power cord can be removed. If so, it is best to go ahead and detach and place it somewhere safe. During transport, the cord could easily be misplaced. Also, if the cord is not positioned correctly while in storage, it could sustain damage. The safest solution is a separate bin to store all your labeled cables. 

4. Cover Sensitive Items

You must cover more sensitive devices, such as a television screen or computer monitor. Even if great care is exercised regarding how you place your items in storage, it is very easy to scratch these devices. When covering the device, use a protector classified for electronic devices. If the cover is not appropriate, it could scratch the screen or cause moisture to build up. 

5. Back-Up Data

Again, the goal is to remove your items from storage in excellent condition, but electronic devices can fail when least expected. Back-up all your data on the devices before storing them to lessen the damage. In the rare event that something does happen, at least you will have access to all the data you had on the device.

Remember, following these tips will help ensure that you remove your electronic devices from storage in the same condition you placed them inside. Make sure you take your time as you prepare.

To learn more, contact a storage facility in your area.