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Top 3 Tips For Choosing Storage Units In The Winter

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When choosing a self-storage unit in the winter, consider your items' comfort and the local weather conditions. For instance, opt for a climate-controlled self-storage unit if you want to keep your things protected during harsh seasons. Read on to know the tips to consider when choosing a self-storage unit in the winter.


Storage units vary in size. The largest is a 10x30, while the smallest is a 5x5. A 10x30-unit option can store large equipment, all the items in a house, and even a car. Like a 10x30-unit option, a 10x20-unit option also accommodates a car, a piece of large equipment, and still has room for boxes.

A 10x15-unit option is large enough to accommodate a compact vehicle or a scooter. On the other hand, items such as sofa, chairs, and other small belongings can fit well in a 5x10-unit option. When choosing a storage unit, look at your needs. Pick the storage unit option that fully accommodates your needs without spending extra.


Decide whether you want an outdoor, an indoor, or a climate-controlled self-storage unit. If you have chosen outdoor, package your items well to protect them from the elements of weather. This storage option is largely available and saves you cash. You can also access your items easily. The downside, however, is your things are more exposed to the elements of weather such as wind, rain, and snow. 

If you have decided to go with the climate-controlled self-storage unit, your items will get sheltered from the harsh weather elements. Temperature and the level of humidity in this storage option are regulated. This means the unit is suited for storing documents you don't want to lose. Though it's a good storage option, it is more costly compared to the outdoor option.

Location and Hours of Operation

Consider the location of the storage unit before deciding to store your items. It's important to choose a storage unit close to where you are staying. If you live in an expensive and busy metropolitan city, you may be able to find a cheaper storage unit in the city's outskirts. 

Ask for clarification from the storage assistant on the time that you are allowed to access your items. Some storage facilities operate only on specific days, and it is good to ask for clarification to avoid inconveniencing yourself.

Taking sensitive items to a storage unit in the winter is a good decision. Some of these items can get destroyed by the harsh winter season, which will cost you more in the long run. When looking for a storage unit in the winter, the tips mentioned above will come in handy. Contac a storage unit facility for more information.