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Rent An Outdoor Storage Unit With Confidence By Finding A Well-Secured Complex

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When you need a place to store your belongings, you may be debating between an indoor and outdoor storage unit. While indoor ones often come at a premium, they provide great security because they are harder to get into and the building often has video surveillance inside and outside.

If you want to save some money by renting an outdoor storage unit and you like the convenience of being able to park next to the unit, you may be a little concerned about security. So, you should look for storage complexes that give you confidence through extensive security measures.

Video Surveillance

Finding indoor video surveillance is not a challenge, but you should also be able to find facilities with a surveillance system throughout the entire complex. If you can find cameras at the entrance and at both sides of every row of storage units, this should make you feel better about security.

You can even go as far as asking about the surveillance at nighttime. For instance, some cameras provide excellent footage at night but are unable to capture a clear image when it gets dark. You are in great hands if you know that each camera captures in high-definition and has night vision.

Perimeter Fence

An excellent feature that you can find with storage complexes is a perimeter fence. The fence should cover the entire premises, and you should not find any holes or gaps when looking around. You can find this out by visiting a storage business and requesting a tour around the complex.

A chain-link fence with barbed wire at the top is a nice addition, but its main weakness is being susceptible to wire cutters that can allow someone to get through the bottom of the fence. A tall, metal fence with pointed picket caps is another option that provides strong security.

Entrance Gate

A storage complex with an entry gate is helpful because it prevents non-customers from being able to enter the grounds without knowing the code to get inside. You will feel safer when you are moving items into or out of the storage unit with an entry gate that has PIN access.

A gate with individual PINs given to each customer is ideal because it prevents people who used to be customers from having access because the employees can make their code stop working.

Looking for these features will help you find a well-secured complex for outdoor storage. For additional information on storage, contact companies like All American Mini Storage.