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Things You Must Never Do When Storing Your Belongings

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When you are storing belongings in a storage unit, there are steps you should take to protect your belongings. However, there are also self-storage methods that can ruin your belongings and should be avoided. By using the right storage materials and methods, you will be able to find your items quickly.

Don't Use Newspaper

Newspaper is sometimes used for storage. After all, if you are no longer going to read it, why not use it to wrap your belongings? However, the ink on the newspapers can bleed onto your belongings and potentially ruin them. Newspaper is also just not the right material for protecting your belongings. It is better to use bubble wrap and other forms of padding. 

Don't Skip Climate Control Units

It is better to spend money on a climate controlled storage unit than it is to spend money later on replacing your belongings after they have been damaged by humidity or fluctuations in temperature. For example, depending on the humidity of the climate-controlled unit, your electronics might be corrode and may not work when you remove them. Wood can warp as a result of humidity. Changes in temperature can cause some objects to expand or shrink, which can cause damage. If you aren't going to use climate controlled storage, you should at least not store your belongings alongside the walls and you shouldn't place them near the door. The walls can attract moisture and cause your belongings to become more damp. The door, especially with outdoor storage units, may have some water entry.

Don't Rush

Make sure that you provide yourself with plenty of time when getting your belongings. Otherwise, you may find yourself searching through your belongings in a manner that might cause them to become damaged. One reason why you may struggle to find your belongings in time is that you haven't properly labeled your boxes. Try to place items in boxes that are similar so that you do not have to spend too much time looking for belongings in the future. Also, you should keep a detailed inventory of everything you have. Consider placing a unique number on each box and writing an inventory on a piece of paper or storing it in a smartphone that indicates where each item is located. Then, you can search through the inventory and will only need to check one box. This will not only make your life easier, but will make it less likely that you damage something.

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