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Storage Advice For Books And Papers

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Do you have a lot of books and papers to store but you are worried that they will become damaged? If so, never fear. There are ways to store these sensitive items without a worry in a storage facility. The following guide can help you achieve this.

Invest in climate control

One of the major issues with storing books and papers is that temperature fluctuations and moisture can damage or discolor the pages. This is why a climate controlled interior unit is best. These will maintain a set temperature and they also generally feature humidity control. Most climate controlled units are walk up only, so make sure you pack up your boxes of heavy books in sizes that are easy to carry or load up onto a dolly.

Use acid-free protection

If you are concerned about yellowing, particularly on older books and papers, then acid-free protection is a must. Wrap each book or sheaf of papers in an acid-free piece of tissue paper. Acid-free is also sometimes called archival quality. You can find the tissue at packing stores or online. For scrapbooks and photographs, slipping a sheet of acid-free paper over the top of each page or photo can help preserve the color in the photographs.

Skip the cardboard boxes

Most cardboard isn't acid-free, plus it doesn't protect against moisture or pests. Instead, use plastic storage bins that have tight fitting lids. If you don't fill a bin completely, then fill in the extra space with wadded up acid-free tissue. Another benefit of plastic bins is that they are easy to stack, and you won't have to worry about them collapsing beneath the weight of heavy books or papers.

Use a desiccant

Sometimes moisture becomes trapped in a storage bin, which will then cause damage to your precious paper items. This is where a desiccant comes in handy. Silica gel crystals, similar to the packets you often find in the pockets of new clothing, are readily available and they work well. You can order pre-made packets of silica gel, or you can purchase it in bulk from floral and craft stores. If you go the bulk route, place the crystals in loosely woven cotton or cheesecloth bags. Then, simply tuck a silica packet or two in every storage bin so it can absorb any moisture.

For more help when it comes to storing a specific item, contact a storage facility in your area. To learn more, visit a website like