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Picking A Safe And Secure Storage Unit

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Storing your personal belongings for an extended period can cause a little bit of anxiety for many people. Often people have to store prized possessions because they are moving into a smaller home, or they simply do not have the room for everything in their house. No matter why you have to use a storage facility, make sure that you are picking a very good storage facility. You may notice that there are many different storage facilities in your area, and not all of them are going to be the same. Here are a few things to look for to ensure that your belongings are going to be safe:


One of the biggest problems in an outdoor storage facility is water. The water can be sourced from two different areas. First, you need a self-storage facility that is able to protect your items from any rainwater. Usually you should look for a storage unit that has a raised cement slab. A raised cement slab will protect your belongings from flooding. You will also want to place a few silicone sticks in your unit to absorb atmospheric moisture. If condensation is able to precipitate out, then your belongings could get web simply by atmospheric moisture. 


Most storage facilities do not want their reputation to be tainted by having a burglar steal from one of their clients, and so most storage facilities are going to take security very serious. When you are looking for a potential storage unit, be sure that you pick one that you feel has very good security precautions in place. A high fence with razor or barbed wire is a good place to start. It is also very good to only have one entrance into the facility so the traffic can be monitored. Some of the best facilities even have security cameras. 

Pest Control

As you can imagine carpenter ants, termites, or rodents would be able to destroy some of your personal belongings so it is important that you check the storage facility for any possible pest problem. Look for any dead or alive insects, and then look for any rodent fecal pellets. If you do not find any, you are probably going to be alright. However, if you want to make sure that your belongings are safe from pests, talk with the facility manager about what they do on a regular basis to keep pests out of the storage units.