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Stored Items Stink? Fix The Problem With These Storage Unit Hacks

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There are reasons why people tell you to wash or clean items that have been held in storage for a while when you buy something used. Even though a storage unit basically smells like lumber, concrete, and metal, they can also take on odors according to what has been stored there previously. This means that when you place your items in storage, they could come out smelling like anything from someone else's belongings to automotive-related items, neither of which are very attractive odors.

To make sure your stored items come out smelling like your own stuff and not radiating some strange and unfamiliar odor, there are a few simple rules you should follow when putting your items in a storage unit.

Allow the unit to air out before placing your items inside. 

Many self storage facilities will do this already when a unit is emptied by a customer. However, if upon entering the rented unit for the first time it has a peculiar odor, it is best to allow the unit to air out for a little bit before you place your items inside. In most cases, all this will require is that you leave the door open to the unit for a short amount of time. You can also bring along a small fan if your unit has an outlet to blow fresh air through the unit. Odor neutralizing spray is also something you can use to eliminate any standing odors. 

Pack cloth items in airtight containers. 

Before you place any items that are either made of fabric or consists of fabric in your unit, clean them properly and then place the items in an airtight storage container of some kind. Clothing can easily be tucked inside of plastic storage containers or large zipper bags that are designed for the purpose. If you have fabric cushions and pillows on chairs and your furniture, pull off what you can and also pack them in a container. 

Use natural odor-neutralizing material inside of your unit. 

There are a lot of natural ways you can help alleviate and dispel odor accumulation inside of your storage unit. For example:

  • ground coffee granules in a vented container absorbs odors
  • baking soda dispels many common odors 
  • natural cedar wood chips eliminates odors and wards off insects

If you are really concerned about odors, any one of these natural remedies could help. Plus, they are usually storage-unit-guidelines friendly. 

For more tips on storing your belongings, talk to a professional at facilities like AA All American Airborne Self-Storage.